Sounding the shofars for Rosh Hashanah 9/16/2012

Mark Thompson, Webmaster


This is my second year for the event. At The Living Stone Foundation, the turnout was fantastic and was better than last year's. Gus Wheeler did a wonderful job playing his guitar and describing Rosh Hashanah. He also demonstrated on 4 types of shofar calls with his shofar.

We went up to the Hill and all those with their shofars stood at the I AM Pillar. Pastor Shadd said some prayers before the Shofars were blown. Gus Wheeler's lovely wife, Dale, came up to me and placed a Prayer Shawl on my shoulders minutes before the Shofars are sounded.

As soon as the sun sets, we blew our shofars for one minute. After that, they all went silent. Pastor Shadd began the prayers. After all the prayers have finished, we began to sing. All those singing really inspired me. It was a great feeling to hear all the people who attended to sing.

It was nice to see all the people to come and have a nice time, and hear many shofars blown at sunset. There were some people who came to the Living Stone Foundation for the first time to experience this event.

I am looking forward to this event next year.


Photo by DaraLee Esposito


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