Only One Way

"Who are you bowing down before? What is your idol? Are you following the ways of the world or are you walking on the narrow path? There is ONLY ONE WAY to Me. All other ways are just deceptions and lies directly from the pit of hell. If you don't recognize My voice, you will not be able to hear Me in the midst of the turmoil and all the other voices that are beckoning to you. I AM your Heavenly Father. I have chosen you as My beloved sons and daughters. I am calling you to turn around and repent before it is too late. Come home and receive My forgiveness, mercy and the gift of salvation. Let us walk side by side in the garden, where there is everlasting peace and where we shall have sweet fellowship together."


Press On

"Press on, press on, PRESS ON. DO NOT be discouraged by what you see and hear going on around you. Evil abounds but My strength, mercy, grace and loving-kindness endures forever. It reaches to the height, breadth and depths of heaven. It is ALL and ABOVE all that is trying disrupt your relationship with Me. The blood sacrifice on the altar is pouring down upon you and cleansing you from ALL of your sin and iniquity; past, present and future. Come and partake of the heavenly banquet that I have set before you!! For, I have redeemed you, I HAVE redeemed you, I HAVE REDEEMED YOU and called you by name!!"


Recognize My Voice

"And now, as the time for My Spirit to descend is approaching, prepare yourselves to receive My Power. You will be sealed by the blood of the Lamb. You will dream dreams, see visions and prophesy! You will hear My Voice and obey. These things will strengthen you, these things will strengthen you, these things WILL strengthen you and keep your hearts from failing. The days that are approaching will be filled with darkness and you MUST KNOW ME AND RECOGNIZE MY VOICE. Many will perish but, if you remain in Me and I in you, you will be able to persevere until the end. Your reward shall be great and, as the heavens declare My Glory, so will you join in the celebration!"


Heaven Coming Down

"Heaven is coming down as your worship and praises rise up in the air. Reach up and touch My Glory. You are only a breath away! As you breathe in, My Spirit is filling you to overflowing. Receive, receive, receive ALL that I have to give. It is abundant. It is overflowing. It is everlasting! I will lift you up, I will bring you close to Me and I will never, never, NEVER forsake you or let you go!! Seek My Face, keep your eyes on Me and you will see My Glory!"


Do You Know My Love?

"Do you know My Love? Do you really know My Love? As a mother loves her newborn child, so is My love for you! I held you in My arms. I rocked you to sleep. I picked you up when you fell. I comforted you when you were afraid. I walked beside you when you were lonely. I found you when you were lost. I carried you when you had no strength and I will lift you up on the last day! There is no greater love than this!"


Breath of God

"My beloved sons and daughters! My little children! How I have desired to spend this time with you! You are all so precious to Me! My heart is to become one with you. As I breathe My Spirit over you and into you, may every breath that you take be filled to overflowing. May every breath that you exhale speak words of love, forgiveness, grace, mercy and peace. Remember that I have chosen you since the foundation of the earth and I know you intimately. Come, come, come and get to know Me in the same way!"


Stay Strong

"There's a battle going on for your souls. There is a battle going on for your family. THERE IS A BATTLE GOING ON. I pray that you would just be faithful to Me. I pray that you would just stand strong. I pray that you would bow before Me, no matter what is going on around you. No matter what the enemy is doing to you, stay strong, stay strong in Me and do NOT give up. Do NOT give up, for I AM with you until the end and I WILL be with you until the end, no matter what happens around you, because I love you and I gave My life for you. I AM coming soon. I AM COMING SOON."


Final Warning

"And the earth continues to shake and tremble. It is opening wide the gates of hell in order to swallow up the abominations that rule and reign upon the land. Woe to America! Woe to its inhabitants who have hardened their heart and rejected their God! As the sun waxes cold and the stars fall out of the sky, so will the destruction of the land come, without warning. It shall be consumed by the fires of hell and the waters shall not be able to quench or extinguish it. My righteous anger and wrath shall fill the air with lightening bolts and hail, mega storms, unprecedented eruptions of volcanos and earthquakes, as never seen before throughout history. FEAR GOD AND BE IN AWE. REPENT AND REVERE HIS HOLY NAME, OR YOU SHALL PERISH IN YOUR SIN AND INIQUITY."


I AM Weeping

"I can not tell you again and again to repent and humble yourselves before Me. Many of you are still refusing to come to Me. I AM weeping, I AM weeping, I AM WEEPING for your souls. I AM crying out for you. I do NOT want to lose even one of My sheep. Please, please, PLEASE come home before it is too late. I can not wait any longer."


Hear What I Say

"You are NOT what the world has told you. You have believed the lies of the enemy since you were born and now I am telling you the truth. Hear what I say. I created you in My Image and in perfect love. You are beautiful. You are special. You are kind and compassionate. You are precious in My Sight and I have a plan for your life. Be blessed, be blessed, be blessed and then go and be a blessing to others."  


Proclaim the Truth

"In the hour of destruction, when you see children, young men and women, and the elderly falling down around you, weep and pray. For the king of the nation is arrogant and full of pride. His agenda is to grant approval for the men of darkness to reign. The Light is being extinguished in the hearts of the people who fear and do not know Me. They have turned away and now worship their leader as their new savior and king. Because of their disobedience, the days of abomination and sorrows are upon you. DO NOT FORSAKE THE LORD YOUR GOD. You shall be My witnesses to all the ends of the earth. You shall proclaim the Truth and the Truth shall set others free. Press on and finish the race, for your reward will be great."  


Divine Appointment

You have another Divine Appointment with Me today . . . The Altar of Incense is open to the heavenlies. Your prayers are rising up to Me as you humble yourself and relinquish ALL the things that are holding you captive. NOTHING is impossible or too difficult for Me. Just ask and believe that the answer you seek is on the way. For you are My beloved. I delight in you and desire to pour out My blessings upon you. Come, draw near to your heavenly Father.



Do You Beleive?

"Do you believe, do you believe, DO YOU BELIEVE that I can do ALL things?? That I can heal all of your diseases, that I can restore the years that the locusts have eaten, that I can resurrect you from the dead? Then, come, come, COME and touch the hem of My garment. I AM HERE. You have a divine appointment with Me today. Look up, for your Redeemer is here and I LOVE YOU."



There is Victory
Though the trials and fiery darts are coming, there is victory, there is victory, there is
victory in the Lord your God. Stand strong and draw near. The enemy has NO HOLD,
NO HOLD, NO HOLD on you. He has no power for he has been defeated. No one
can touch you. No one can snatch you out of My hands. I have already won the victory Do
not fear, do not doubt, for I AM HERE.


Be Ready

Judgment IS coming SOON. BE READY. I shall NOT be mocked. The lines of division between heaven and hell have been crossed. There is NO room to walk on both sides. One side is life. One side is death. Choose NOW for I WILL BE COMING SOON and the verdict will be given.

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